This should really be renamed
“About YOU”.

This is Your journey to improve Your Health, Fitness & Lifestyle.

I felt stuck – early 40’s, a bit overweight, bored on life’s treadmill, Groundhog Day of loading dishwasher, washing on, tidy up, go to work, food shop, sleep (Ha! I wish!), repeat. Bored, tired, no energy or drive, everyone else's needs and wants put before me. (And I did that!)

I was living a life that NOT AT ALL reflected my skills, passion and energy but, being so tired, I had no energy to change it.

Sound familiar?

Through business, I met Ludo, a Primal Health Coach who introduced me to the fact that I could turn off  and on my genes through what I ate and the lifestyle I led. I was astounded at the changes in my body and my energy levels soared!  Little niggles disappeared.  Little niggles I'd just put down to "getting older".

Now I have far more energy, eat when I'm hungry, know how and why different foods affect my body, aches and pains have gone, IBS is gone, skin is looking great, hair and nails grow like crazy... I  am more the "Me' I'm meant to be... and I want that for you too!

Primal is a Lifestyle, not a diet.  It's being in tune with your body, working WITH your genes and to make ASTOUNDING changes.  If you're ready to really start living well, JOIN today (for free) and take that first step NOW!

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Are you feeling...?

  • A bit overweight? Especially around the middle.L
  • Lacking in Energy?  Especially during that mid-afternoon slump?
  •  'Hangry' if you haven't eaten for a while? Stomach rumbles and get the shakes?
  • That there's GOT to be more to life than this? Feeling a bit stuck in a rut?
  • That you would like to meet more people and have more FUN in life?

Then you sound as if you've found your Tribe!

Join today (for free) and get the guidance, support and friendship you need to get the most out of your life! Hit that button NOW!

Go Do It! Carpe the Hell out of that Diem!

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Memberships Tailored to Your Goals

Personalised 1-1 Plan

You want someone  to listen to you.  You have a specific goal/s in mind.
You want education, support 24/7 and accountability to meet those goals this time.


  • A 12-week programme personalised for your goals.
  • Support in defining and clarifying your specific Health Goals
  • Education and Guidance towards your Goals
  • Weekly Private 30 min coaching sessions
  • 24 hour support
  • Personal helpline 24/7
  • Welcome pack with Natural Products
  • Complimentary Social Membership for 1 year

21 Day Challenge

You'd like to find out more about Primal Living before investing fully in your Health Goals.

  • Daily email for 21 Days
  • Practical Guide and Action Goals in Food, Fitness & Lifestyle - the Primal way!
  • Free Printable PDF of Primally Aligned foods


Tick things you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do off your Bucket List.  (Dinners, Wine Tastings, Sky dive, better Make-up skills, Pole dance, Milk a cow, Car maintenance, Dance a sexy salsa with a swarthy stranger….. whatever you want!!  You tell us your suggestions.)


  • Reduced Ticket prices for Events,
  • Offered Tickets before they are released to the general public
  • Access to the Friends Forum
  • Discounted shopping online and at Events
BUT more importantly, you’ll have a place where you belong, where you’ll laugh, cry and live.